Milking the Wasted Land: Upcoming Book Trailer & New Video


With Scrap Iron‘s release in a little over a month, I’ve been working with many talented friends trying to find new ways to bottle some of that buzz and spread it around to everyone over the interwebs. I am so happy to announce that 23circles Productions filmed an amazing book trailer the other weekend, and we hope to have it up online by the end of the week. AND, if that wasn’t enough, New Neighbor Records finds my poetry enlightening enough to want to produce a Spoken Word album. Well, break my heart and play me Wilco. Really. Truly, all these artists lending their time and energies is about as beautiful as it gets. Many thanks to all of them.

As my own little contribution, back in January, I had a visit home to Vineland and while there, took some footage at Batsto Village on the outskirts of Hammonton. That, mashed up and edited to a poem I recorded in my living room (you can probably hear the hissing heater in the corner, not the best quality), and here you are. Again, the Garden State inspires.

So, let’s celebrate Scrap Iron! Let’s get it out there! Pre-order a copy (info under the ‘Book’ tab)! Spread the good word! Get pumped about the wonderful things to come from collaborating with 23circles Productions and New Neighbor Records!