Twitter Me, Twitter Me…


This past week, I was amazed to see Virginia Quarterly Review featuring one of my poems as a part of their Instapoetry Series–a Twitter-based poetry/art-marriage that features works 14 lines or fewer.

Personally, having worked in several disciplines and genres at once, I think all art forms should influence and better one another, and this opportunity–this series–is a wonderfully worthwhile cause. Be sure to check out VQR’s Tumblr Page. Constant updates. Much more to come. Wonderful images, brilliant words. You can’t beat it.

Also, too, keep an eye on the Events page for updates to readings IN YOUR AREA (maybe/hopefully).

Also also, the title of this post “Twitter Me, Twitter Me” is a reference to a Drunk Uncle sketch on Saturday Night Live. If you haven’t seen it, you NEED to: Drunk Uncle’s New Year’s Resolution.