• On Scrap Iron: “Mark Jay Brewin Jr.’s debut collection is a burnished interrogation into the complexities of who we are—a collection that attempts to map the vexed intersection of the American myth of self-invention and the competing conviction that we are also somehow indelibly stamped by the family and the landscape from which we have risen. In the tradition of Phil Levine, Brewin is a poet who does not shy away from the difficult and the real, from the troubling issues of economics, class, and gender. Yet his achievement is housed neither in indignation nor certainty. We know he knows he doesn’t have the answers. If his images shine out like a glinting edge of scrap metal, we are all the more moved by the earnest dedication with which he picks through the messy, unanswerable  questions lurking below.”—Kathleen Graber, author of The Eternal City
  • Review of Scrap Iron by Karen J. Weyant at the writer’s website (Winter Poetry Pick).
  • Review of Scrap Iron by Dean Julius at storySouth.

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