Ireland Wrap-up & Rick’s SURPRISE Return to Galway.

Strange to think I am leaving Galway in a few hours.

The last three months have been_______________. I can’t think of one singular word to fit in there. It’s been a lot. Crazy, tiring, aggravating, enlightening, productive, brilliant, and so on.

If it’s hard proof you want about what I’ve done out here, then I’ll give it to you:

  • I think I have come close to finishing my manuscript (I’ve got two more poems and two more months before I am back in the states, so there is still the chance to do that) which is 74 pages. Yeah. A husky poetry book.
  • These past three months, alone, I’ve written about 40 new pages of poetry. Not all of it for the manuscript, but a good portion of it.
  • I climbed a mountain barefoot on St. Patrick’s day. Done. Winning.
  • I’ve made a handful of YouTube videos that I must say–and I might be biased here–are pretty darn alright.
  • After this past week of busking (numbers to follow), I’ve gotten eight people to buy poetry dedications. Sweet indeed. Now I have to find the time to write the poems.
  • Screenplay writing has commenced, and though the first draft was nice writing–after talking with my collaborator on the project–I have finally figured out the direction the story needs to go in. Exciting.

I am sure there are plenty of other accomplishments that I just can’t remember now, but hell, if these aren’t enough, just thinking, I’ll be walking the pilgrimage trail from Pamplona to Santiago de Compostela–one side of Spain to the other. Take that.

It’s been a good semester. I like it. I have had some guests fly over here to see me. My sister. And Rick.

Rick even flew back to see me, a surprise, before he returned stateside. Here is a little video about his return:


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