Scrap Iron: The Book Trailer


A long, long time ago, in a graduate school far, far away…

I began working on a book manuscript, the heart of which was centered around my childhood landscape: South Jersey. As time went on, as I drove across the country and traveled the world, this collection took shape, took solid form. Walking farm fields. Taking a bus in Galway, Ireland. Weaving Christmas grave blankets. Crabbing with my father and grandfather. The odd and extreme. The people I knew, who I met, who broke my heart and carried me along.

Now some four years later, Scrap Ir0n will officially be available on April 15th. Still crazy to believe.

With the help of Kevin and Danielle Malone, the brains and beauty (both equally so) of 23circles Productions, I am pleased to share with you this book trailer for Scrap Iron. Please, share it and–if you’re so inclined–pre-order a copy of my book (all the information under the ‘Book’ tab above).


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