“Let the wild rumpus begin…” or, “How I Blew Up Facebook With Wicked Good News”


Happy Thursday, all. I can only hope that your day has been filled with as much win as my own.

While my collection of poetry Scrap Iron was still in the works, nearly finished, I had the great fortune of being interviewed by my friend, a VERY accomplished and talented poet and fiction writer in his own right, Nick Ripatrazone (by the by, you can find all of his important information here).  Not only did he give one of the closest reads to my work, but he asked many of the questions I posed to myself during the construction of the manuscript. I am incredibly flattered, amazed at the insights, conversations, queries, and especially for the final product which you can find at The Rumpus. If you’re a fan of my book, this write up includes so much of the back story of Scrap Iron–you’ll dig it, really. (And, if you’re not a fan of my book for the simple reason that you haven’t read it, then buy a copy already! Available for Kindle too!)


So, yeah, normally, that alone would be enough to get me grinning from ear to ear, HOWEVER, today was also the day that diode: An Online Journal of Electropositive Poetry posted their summer issue which includes two of my newest pieces, “What Cheer?” and Jacobaea Vulgaris. Already, diode is a brilliant journal (please check out their online archives because it is banging), but this particular issue I am in features a poet whose work I am very much in LOVE with, Corinna McClanahan Schroeder. She is well worth the checking out.


AND, last but surely not least, a while back I was lucky enough to have a poem of mine (A Borrowed Childhood Memory, Alloway, 4 July 1967) featured at Booth: An Online Journal (out of the MFA program at Butler University), but amazingly that wasn’t the end of it. A few months back, I was thrilled to hear from Robert Stapleton, Editor-In-Chief, that my poem was selected to be included in their print anthology Booth 5 (now available for purchase). If that wasn’t cool enough is it is, I was pretty darn thrilled to see that my friend and fellow Elon University alum, Liz N. Clift, also has a piece featured in there too! I must say, back in the day when we had class together, her work was brilliant; I am stoked to confirm, it has only gotten better. What more do you need to get you to buy this beautiful looking collection? Answer: nothing.



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